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Along with your breastmilk, we can personalize your jewelry even further by adding other special inclusions listed below. Please do not send more than what is required and do not send us the last of anything. It's rare, but packages can get lost in the mail.

How much breastmilk and inclusions to send:


10 ml


1 tablespoon


Hair and Fur

Flowers and petals

1 teaspoon

approximately 20 strand, over 1" in length

3-4 large petals

Umbillical cord


small piece about the size of a pumpkin seed

1 capsule

We will send back any extra inclusions that we don’t use in your jewelry, with the exception of any extra breastmilk. Extra breastmilk powder that we don’t use is cataloged with your name and stored in case something happens to your jewelry or you want to have extra pieces made in the future. If you would like to have your extra breastmilk powder returned to you, please write a note and include with your package or send us an email at and include your name and order number.


Our breastmilk shipping kit contains everything you will need to collect and ship your breastmilk safely to us. It Includes a funnel, test tube, ziplock bags, and return shipping label and bubble envelope. However, if you have all the supplies on hand and would like to purchase your own shipping, you can package it up according to our instructions and ship it to:


Calico Unicorn

PO Box 287

Shapleigh, ME 04076

  1. Do NOT send us the last of anything. Packages get lost. It’s rare, but it happens.

  2. Breastmilk can be fresh, frozen, or even old, as long as it doesn’t have mold in it, we can use it for your breastmilk jewelry.

  3. Breastmilk should be at room temperature before you send it to us to prevent condensation build-up during shipping.

  4. Using the provided funnel, collect at least 10ml of breastmilk into the test tube and screw the cap on, careful to not over-tighten and break the cap.

  5. Place the tube inside one of the ziplock bags, squeeze the air out, and seal tightly. 

  6. Repeat with the next two zip lock bags, triple-bagging the test tube. 

  7. If you are sending other inclusions like petals or ashes, send them in individual bags to keep them separated.

  8. If you are sending hair, use a rubber band or string to tie all the hair together, and make sure to place it in a bag or wrap it so it stays flat (don't fold the hair).

  9. Place the bagged test tube and any other inclusions in the bubble envelope, attach the return label to your package, and place it in the mail.​

  10. If you are shipping internationally and need to declare your package contents, state them as "jewelry materials."

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